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Why does the world curse me so ;p
Flipping through eBay tonight while I wait for a download to finish, and
what do I see but the Musha Realtype Cloth ZZ Gundam. Cool? Yes. Reserve
price? 300$. Ouch. I take it these guys are almost the Takotoku Macross
Valkyrie's for Gundam fans... well, almost. No crazy fools paying 1500$ for
them (yet)...
Too bad, I'd love to get my hands on one of them but thats more money than
I'm ever spending on an 8" piece of plastic.
On an unrelated note, anybody else get quite aggravated with the illegal
Gundam stuff (CD's with real video episodes, fansubs, you name it), blatant
lies (old F91 kits "JUST RELEASED IN JAPAN!!!!!" ... "LIMITED EDITION!
RARE!!!" MG kits which are still in production, and people sticking
GUNDAM!!! in the title of everything from Patlabor to battle beasts (i shit
you not). I know there are quite a few companies who vigilantly watch eBay
for stuff like this, but for whatever reason Bandai isn't. Tack on the fact
that even if you email eBay, they won't take down an auction unless the
licenseholder owns them ...

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