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>This just in:
>Mead Gundam (2000.2.25, Kodansha, ISBN4-06-330091-9) 322 pages (16 color) for
>I was a bit disappointed in this book because I'd expected more finished

D'oh! I was thinking this is one expensive book given its size and relative
price. A book of this size generally goes for about 2/3 of its price.
Syd's manager/agent must be taking a hefty cut here.

>The book is essentially a reproduction of Syd Mead's sketchbook
>of the designs for the Turn A Gundam mecha, from inception through the entire
>production phase, so most of the illustrations are mere roughs. At that, the
>book is quite text heavy and, except for reproductions of Mead's own
>hand-lettered notes, entirely in Japanese. Of the color pages cited
>about, all
>but the end pages are near-monochrome color washes.

Doesn't sound too promising... woe be the Gundam collector who must have
everything Gundam, I guess.

>That being said, there's a lot of treasure buried in here. Alas, I'm in no
>condition to dig it up just now, my eyesight having been worsened (well,
>changed, such that my current prescription no longer works for close-up
>and barely suffices for on-screen) to the point that I find it tiring even to
>attempt more than a cursory scan.

Sorry to hear that, hope it'll improve soon.

>One gem by way of example: SUMO is an
>abbreviation for Strike Unit for Maneuver Operation. (Burke, please take

I wonder _who_ came up with that... probably the same guys who gave us
"General Utility Non-Discontinuity" blah...


>Given Syd Mead's stature in America, this book may be translated into English
>when Turn A is finally released over here. Unless you have good Japanese
>reading skills, you may want to wait for that edition. I'm sure I'll get more
>and more out of it as I dig deeper and deeper into it, but for now my
>return on
>investment has been less than anticipated.

Sorry to hear that... for both of us I guess!


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