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Sorry to dissiapoint you, but
I went to Tokyo kid recently and they didn't have any Master Grades, they
had mostly Wing kits(The new ones with figures, mostly)and some EW, although
there were some Sentinel, V Gundam kits, and the HGUC Gog(Bleh) plus some
figurines of OYW mechs(Non-posable)EW SD keychains, and a Turn A manga.
However there was a booth in China Town with a bunch of them(Plus some late
80s/early 90s kits). However it was during a festival, so I'm not certain
where they came from.

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back my childhood.....

> Thank you to everyone who offered their help with my problem, but now that
> I've been notified that their is a DVD version of Transformers the movie
> (Thank you Z!) I think I'm going to go with that. I really had no idea
> it was still available in any format. Like I said, I had it when it first
> came out,(and I was wrong, I was only THREE when it came out in the
> theaters!!!) back in the day.
> Also, to get back on topic, does anyone have pictures of the New MG
> of the Gouf and EZ-8? When are they coming out?
> and lastly, this goes out to the Massachusets based members, how is Tokyo
> Kid in Harvard Sq for master grades? what do the have?
> thanks in advance once again,
> -Jay
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