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> > I've noticed that the Jamesgun(From V) bears an interesting
> >resemblance to the F91. Only problem is the model number; unless I'm
> >mistaken, most GMs's last three letters give out the year they were
> >released; and the Jamesgun's number is 119-four years before the F91
> >appeared. However the mechs are too similar to not be derived from one
> >another in some way.... any thoughts?
> The F91 was mass produced without modification during the time in which
> Crossbone Gundam takes place. There was a cool fight between
> Seabook in his
> Crossbone Gundam and a Fed ace in a F91.

I'm not sure how mass produced F91 was. We only saw that a couple of F91,
and Seabook knew all about its deadly VSBR, and uses a combination of both
beam shield plus both beam saber to block F91's shot.

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