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Sun, 3 Sep 2000 08:31:41 -0400

> Hey Folks,
> This message goes out, thanks to my little brother who lost my ORIGINAl
> of Transformers: The Movie. Now this movie holds a special place to me,
> Hell, I even cried when Optimus Prime died ( Give me a break, I was the
> old age of six.) So if anybody could get a hold of the movie, let me know
> and we can discuss how we can deal for it.
> thanks in advance,
> -Jay

Here, here!! Thanks to little brothers! Mine lent out my original tape to
a mutual friend, which later had a fire in his home. Hence, my tape was
lost. I've just recently acquired a copy on the laser disc with the
original Japanese & English format, I could try and record it for you.

- Thomas -
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