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>of course, the 'giggle' factor of some gundam mech
>designs may also be effective. :P when attention
>lapses in the few seconds of giggling to oneself, one
>is good as dead in the battlefield.

and the colors! imagine if you saw a 50 foot PINK robot? anyone who takes
time out to guffaw is dead.

>inspired, maybe. fearstruck? nope. granted, i'd be
>fearstruck if a mark II rx-178 was stomping down the
>streets after me. but that's only because of what it
>can do to me, considering the ridiculous size
>differential. put me in an rx-178, i'd call it even.
>in that case, the next mecha i would be more afraid of
>would be a psycho gundam. however, put me in psycho
>gundam, i'd call it even again. ad nauseum.

It's all about size. but with the right weapon, size doesn't matter, it's
how you use it. (you know, that somehow sounded kinky...)

>however, even if i were in the humongous sdf battle 7
>(from macross 7), i'd still be afraid of an angel from
>evangelion. and with good cause. (good cause being
>the butt ugly designs...:P...j/k! y'know what i

i would be afraid if an FSS Twin Tower Jagd Mirage came my way.

>uh...alfred, i think the answer is because real-life
>science can't yet produce humanoid war machines worth
>employing in a battlefield. ;)

but hte question is would we? I think a that the most disconcerting Mecha
would be a simple ball with minovski projectors and emitters all over its
surface. it looks totally alien, and yet produces devastating field
effects, both defensive and offensive. on the other hand, it might
suddenly say "Amuro!"

>the bottom line: it's fear of the unknown that works
>the ebb and flow of battle. as weird as a mech looks
>like, once you're familiar with it's capabilities and
>how to deal with them, the psychological edge is lost.
> of course...even if you're familiar with capabilities
>and have no way of stopping them, you're still
>screwed. :)

That's the argument for nuclear weapons. any nation with enough money and
technical knowhow can build one, but since no-one knows how to counter
it...well, it keeps everyone scared.

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