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I might have been Char's Gelgoog refitted (it was damaged by Amuro) that's why
Char was on the Zeong at the very end of OYW. It is called something else in
ZZ - ReGelg which obviously means Refined/refitted Gelgoog. It has loads more
thrusters and a 360 degrees cockpit. The pilot is a new type as well, so it
can go macho against the gundam team.

Andrew Dynon wrote:

> Just watched an episode of ZZ (untranslated) where the team fought against
> a female Zeon pilot in a red Gelgoog.
> 1. Was this actually Char's Gelgoog? I think one of the lines in the
> episode mentioned him.
> 2. If not, was it actually a 1YW Gelgoog? If it is, the Gelgoog must've
> been a *shit-hot* MS. It gave a good fight against the Mark II, Zeta, Mega
> Rider, Hyaku-Shiki and ZZ, all of which were made at least seven years
> later. Was there any explaination for this other than writer fiat, or
> being a better pilot than anyone else in all of Gundam? (This episode has
> made me into a Gelgoog fan).
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