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> Subject: [gundam] OT: Need Help bringing back my childhood......
> Hey Folks,
> This message goes out, thanks to my little brother who lost my ORIGINAl copy
> of Transformers: The Movie. Now this movie holds a special place to me,
> Hell, I even cried when Optimus Prime died ( Give me a break, I was the ripe
> old age of six.) So if anybody could get a hold of the movie, let me know
> and we can discuss how we can deal for it.

You can buy it anew quite reasonably at Amazon.Com, in both VHS tape and DVD:

VHS tape, International version ($13.99)

VHS tape, American version ($12.99)

DVD, American version ($13.96)

Amazon also has the Original Soundtrack (OST) on CD. It has ten tracks, as

1. The Touch
2. Instruments Of Destruction
3. Death Of Optimus Prime
4. Dare
5. Nothin's Gonna Stand In Our Way
6. The Transformers (Theme)
7. Escape
8. Hunger
9. Autobot/Decepticon Battle
10. Dare To Be Stupid

OST ($11.97)


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