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I was not aware that they were now that much or were that hard to find, but then
again, I have not been looking.
I spent, if I remember correctly, about $32 for each unit at a Star Trek
"Creation" convention in Boston Ma. about 15 years ago. The dealer was selling a
great deal of Macross/Robotech items at good prices, at least to me the were, and
complaining that he had all this "stuff" and none was buying..............
Robotech was not a big hit here in the northeast.

I've had , as I said, 1 HCM VF-1J out "on display" for about 12 years nor. It
stands next to my matchbox toy of the SDF-1 and it has retained the ability to
pose and transform and stay in position. The one that I still have boxed comes
with a figure of , everbodies favorite singer.... hi hi....wink wink....,
Minmei..... I do wish that they had come as Folkers Skull colors but Oh well,
can't have everything.


> Well, I don't have the HCM Valkyrie. I want one, but am not paying $400 +
> for one. It's strudy? No wonder they are hard to find! How is it? I have
> never seen any reviews of the HCM Valkyrie. I have the HCM Galair(spelled it
> wrong) from Xabungle and it's one sturdy toy. If the HCM Valkyries like that,
> then I sure hope I can find a loose, complete one at a fairly reasonable
> price.
> Excatly, there are some good transforming toys, but not as much as I'd like
> as well. The Beast Wars and B. Machines are good one's as well, except for
> the vechicles, the BM transformers are weird desgins, though. I don't have
> many, as I want transforming robots, not animals. Some of the first
> Transmetals where nice, though. Zoids type animals that transform into
> robots, I could go for that, though.
> Aaron
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