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Burke, sorry bout the PC problems, hope you get them fixed soon.

...and once you do.
Bumper Stickers
(Bumper sticker on back of Sazabi)Nothing beats the real thing.
(on Sandrock) How's my MS piloting! Babyface on board!
(on the RMS-192 Zaku Diver)Zaku-Divers do it deeper

Famous lines we'll never hear.
Amuro upon using the Nu Gundams beam barrier: "Neener-neener neener! Can't
hit me"
Any Zeon pilot upon seeing a GM: "Yipe!"
Any gundam pilot upon seeing a Leo: "Eeep!"
Zechs upon having his mask broken:"So, it does feel better with the mask
Heero:"You know, maybe I should really kill you instead of just
Any pilot of any flight type MS"Up up and away!"
Heero, Garrod, Camille or any pilot upon using the all powerful cannon
thingie: "You call that a gun? <brings out all powerful cannon thingie> this
is a GUN!"
Robert de Niro upon trying out the Wing Zero:"You talking to me? You talking
to me? there's no one else in the cockpit so you must be talking to me."

Char upon seeing the final plans for the Sazabi:"You put the mega-particle
cannon where?"

Why did the chicken cross the road?:
Traumatized Maremeia Army Troopers "Ahhh!!! Feathers!!!(read, Wing Zero
Custom) Run for your lives!!!"

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