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>> There is a 1/60 model of the F-91 and it has some MG-ish gimmicks like an
>> internal frame and stuff. Don't know anny more about it though.
>I unfortunately only got to say "how much is this model going for?" before
>the owner of my local comic store sadly informed me that he had to return it
>to it's owner (Just snuck a peek at the 1/60 F91 in the back of a store)
>Sorry, my cat came in from the rain and I had to give him some attention.
>The box looked nice but, as hard as I tried, I didn't get to sneak a peek
>inside it :).....

The 1/60 F91 is kind of like the 1/60 scale DX Wing Gundam, which is not
exactly a model. It's more like a half-model-half-toy thing. You get a
basic frame with most of the leg already assembled, and you get to slap on
armor over the torso and head, and build up the rest of the accessories and
backpack, including the VSBR. Articulation/posability leaves a lot to be
desired. The cool thing is its cockpit does open up and you get figures
of Seabook and Cecily. In a way it's kinda like the MG Sazabi kit... big
but under-detailed.


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