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If you study the behavior of various super-predators (predators, like
lions, that prey on other predators) then you will start to see that
the type of behavior you describe, for example revenge, is not solely
the purview of mankind. I once saw a male lion run through a group of
five hyena, not harming a single one of them, just to get at the
hyena that had killed one of his mates a week earlier. By the same
token, the territorial/tribal warfare between different groups of
chimps is not too dissimilar to many of the traits of human war.

If anything sets us apart from the other social predators on the
planet, it is the ability to feel bad about killing one of our own,
not the ability to kill one of our own. Almost all social animals
will kill to uphold the social order, we are the only social animal
to decide this is "wrong."

If you want to see sadism, watch how a killer whale plays with its
prey before killing it, or watch a German Shepherd "play" with a bug.

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> More to the point, a man will revenge himself upon a tiger who has
> transgressed against him, as by killing a member of his family or
> tribe, something that no other animal would (or could) even
> consider. There is no other species that has organized and
> reversed the role of predator and prey the way humans have.
> "Monster" is a word coined to described creatures that prey upon
> man. The word quickly came to mean mythical creatures, because
> throughout most of recorded history there were no real creatures
> left that qualified. "Man-eating" is a word to describe the
> aberrant few.

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