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<< Too fragile?
 While I will agree that a lot of the kits and toys are not as sturdy as I'd
 like, there are some that are well built.
 I have 2, 1 is still sitting in it's box, Bandai HCM No.20's of the Macross
 VF-1J, which I got years ago and the one that I have out if fully possable
 "transforms" into all 3 modes and back with no problems and it has remained
 "sturdy" thru out it's different display modes.
 The point being that there are some "good" transforming robot toys out there.
 Just not as many as I'd like. >>

  Well, I don't have the HCM Valkyrie. I want one, but am not paying $400 +
for one. It's strudy? No wonder they are hard to find! How is it? I have
never seen any reviews of the HCM Valkyrie. I have the HCM Galair(spelled it
wrong) from Xabungle and it's one sturdy toy. If the HCM Valkyries like that,
then I sure hope I can find a loose, complete one at a fairly reasonable

  Excatly, there are some good transforming toys, but not as much as I'd like
as well. The Beast Wars and B. Machines are good one's as well, except for
the vechicles, the BM transformers are weird desgins, though. I don't have
many, as I want transforming robots, not animals. Some of the first
Transmetals where nice, though. Zoids type animals that transform into
robots, I could go for that, though.


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