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> Subject: Re: [gundam] What's the point of humanoid mecha anyway?
> It's our mind which makes us the ultimate weapon... take us away from our
> environment without a myriad of variables (IE, within a cage), we die. let
> us loose in the wild, and we can kill anything. Clever are we humans (at
> least the smart ones)

More to the point, a man will revenge himself upon a tiger who has transgressed
against him, as by killing a member of his family or tribe, something that no
other animal would (or could) even consider. There is no other species that has
organized and reversed the role of predator and prey the way humans have.

"Monster" is a word coined to described creatures that prey upon man. The word
quickly came to mean mythical creatures, because throughout most of recorded
history there were no real creatures left that qualified. "Man-eating" is a
word to describe the aberrant few.


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