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Too fragile?
While I will agree that a lot of the kits and toys are not as sturdy as I'd
like, there are some that are well built.
I have 2, 1 is still sitting in it's box, Bandai HCM No.20's of the Macross
VF-1J, which I got years ago and the one that I have out if fully possable and
"transforms" into all 3 modes and back with no problems and it has remained
"sturdy" thru out it's different display modes.
The point being that there are some "good" transforming robot toys out there.
Just not as many as I'd like.

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> << dunbine...i couldn't care less about it (i'm bitter
> that bandai decided to do master grade dunbine, but
> not valkyries...*mutters obscenities*) >>
> I've given up on trasforming toys or kits, they are too fragile. Now, if
> the MG Valkyrie could be made to be stable, then I'd buy it!, if they ever
> consider an MG valk. Seems some non-transforming robot toys and kits are
> fragile, too, though! :)
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