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Up periscope! Got a couple minutes for mailing list stuff, so here goes...

Alex Perez asks,

>1)What happened at the end of Turn A Gundam? Was the true form of Turn A
>revealed, and did it have anything to do with the UC series (or any of
>the other ones)? And why were there Zakus that far into the future??

  The Zakus, like most of the other mobile suits in the series, were
excavated from buried vaults left over from centuries ago. As for the
Turn A... haven't seen the final episodes yet, but I gather it goes back
to the way it was. ;-)

>2)Why didn't Dekim Barton kill "Trowa"? He ("Trowa") did have a role in
>foiling the original Operation Meteor, so why didn't Dekim just plug him
>in Endless Waltz??

  The same could be said for the other Gundam pilots. I guess Dekim
figured it was more worthwhile recruiting some and ignoring the rest,
than wasting valuable time on a vendetta against everybody who screwed up
the original Operation Meteor. Trowa does have a track record of being a
double agent (he did the same thing with OZ), but maybe Dekim doesn't
know that...

>3)How do Hilde and Duo end up living together in Gundam W?? There seems
>to be a huge gap in logic in this one.

  Hey, I guess she needed a job and a place to stay after quitting OZ. :-)

  Sorry these are a bit speculative, but there really isn't a lot of info
on the last two issues...

-- Mark

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