Fri, 1 Sep 2000 20:38:46 EDT

 <<'Could', I said could come up with, not would. I'm not saying the M.S. is
 only outcome but I buy it being a possible one. Nice lines, seems like you
 could make one and it would actually work just based on that one pic.>>
  I understand that, they could come up with it, but it looks like it can be
tripped easy :)
<<Depends on what you want it to do. No claws on a helicopter or tank, no
 on most of the Destroid designs in Macross, even.>>

  Tanks and helicopters do not need claws and I did not say they did or mean
to say they did. Some Destroids do have hands. I will further go into this in
a new subject title.
<< Maybe, maybe not. Jets and tanks are still too vital and complicated to
rely on
 remote controls. RC is too easy to jam, anyways. Robot and mobile suit are
 different ideas. >>

  I agree, but I don't mean stop all modern military production and roll out
mecha!! Robotics is too early to relie on. I am talking about in a science
fiction sense, not a sense of would could be done. We are discussing
fictional mecha and science fiction when we discuss Gundam or new mecha
shows/manga, not real life here, sheesh!! ^_^



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