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> It doesn't look "real" to me. Yes, I realise it's most likely not the final
> version of it, but it doesn't look like what the U.S. military would come up

'Could', I said could come up with, not would. I'm not saying the M.S. is the
only outcome but I buy it being a possible one. Nice lines, seems like you
could make one and it would actually work just based on that one pic.

> with, a real mecha would probably be something like an exo suit that a human
> wears. It would at least have some claws to grip objects. Although, from

Depends on what you want it to do. No claws on a helicopter or tank, no claws
on most of the Destroid designs in Macross, even.

> watching several shows on robotics, most are talking about remote controlled
> robots. So, if we ever did come up with a robot like a Gundam or something
> like in Garaski, it would probably be unmanned and remote controlled.

Maybe, maybe not. Jets and tanks are still too vital and complicated to rely on
remote controls. RC is too easy to jam, anyways. Robot and mobile suit are two
different ideas.


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