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> I don't think it's a Gundam, I did at first, but after thinking about it,
> Gundam is not even in the title. I am pretty sure someone pointed this out to
> me, so that helped me decide as well. It seems this is more of a vague
> remake, then a true remake. The character's, except for Leelah, don't
> resemble who they are supposed to be that much. Yes, I know they need
> updated, but if it was a true remake they would be more recognizable then
> they are. To me, this appears to be a reinterpretation of MSG then a true
> remake.
> Aaron

If the anime is based on the books (Gundam books, by the way) then the MSG
designs for mecha *and* characters are useless in determining who or what
"resembles who they are supposed to be" since nobody knows what Tomino's
original vision might have been if he had been left to his own devices. I can't


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