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> I don't think it's a Gundam, I did at first, but after thinking about
> Gundam is not even in the title. I am pretty sure someone pointed this out
> to
> me, so that helped me decide as well.

Didn't say that. Think it looks like a fresh take, and I'd like to see the
novelizations on the screen to see what tomino had in mind.....

> It seems this is more of a vague
> remake, then a true remake. The character's, except for Leelah, don't
> resemble who they are supposed to be that much. Yes, I know they need
> updated, but if it was a true remake they would be more recognizable then
> they are. To me, this appears to be a reinterpretation of MSG then a true
> remake.

and from my email which you are responding to:

> << I for one think they look refreshingly different, for gundam. As much
> I
> like MSG I'd love to see a reinterpretation, and I hope this makes it to
> anime. >>

note I say reinterpretation and not remake

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