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<< Because it's the first mecha design in a long time that looks "real", like
if the
 U.S. Military decided it needed an anthropomorphic weapon, that's what it
 end up looking like. And it could just be the endoskeleton or the initial,
 clumsy stab at it. You're looking at one still of one M.S. and that's
enough to
 say it blows. Turn-A, anyone?>>

  It doesn't look "real" to me. Yes, I realise it's most likely not the final
version of it, but it doesn't look like what the U.S. military would come up
with, a real mecha would probably be something like an exo suit that a human
wears. It would at least have some claws to grip objects. Although, from
watching several shows on robotics, most are talking about remote controlled
robots. So, if we ever did come up with a robot like a Gundam or something
like in Garaski, it would probably be unmanned and remote controlled.
<< The character designs aren't as boring as the original MSG style designs.
 may not be my favorite (actually, 0080 and Ghost In The Shell/Spriggan
 are my favorite) but they work for me.>>

  That's fine with me, I just don't care for them.

<< Never could get into Turn-A's character designs. Maybe it was that whole
 Victorian vibe. >>

  I actually liked the Victorian look. No, I don't want to live in the
Victorian age or have my house in that style, but I feel it gives Turn A
Gundam a unique look.


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