Fri, 1 Sep 2000 15:29:52 EDT

I want one. How much did shipping cost?

<<A big box from HLJ was waiting for me at home last night. Just three days
after receiving shipping confirmation, my FAZZ is here. I'm not big fan of
ZZ. But, I knew I had to get this kit. Bandai's been really spoiling me
lately with Sazabi, ZZ, RX-79 and later Gouf. My wife's not happy with all
the boxes in my garage. But, I hope they continue.
Box was just little bit bigger then regular ZZ. Same width and height,
about 1/2 inch deeper. Talking about well packed box, this thing is full!
19 colored trees, two polycap trees and two clear trees. 24 page manual.
I haven't built ZZ, yet. So I can't really comment on over all structure on
this beast. Or, talk about differences between ZZ. But, I'm sure we will
have plenty of emails on that topic.
Over all I really like this kit. But, I'm very easy please, I thought
Sazabi was great and moneys worth .
I haven't built ZZ in long time because I hated first kit came out back in
80's. But, I might work on it this long weekend. I like the fact that this
thing doesn't transform. My personal experiences, all transforming kits
were disappointing, weak and hard to pose. Anyway, I better take some time
with this guys since some of you didn't like how fast I built my Sazabi..


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