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Fri, 1 Sep 2000 15:15:08 -0400

> > I for one, think the designs of the mecha is horrible. The character
> > designs are alright, but they do not impress me one bit, they are bland,
> > boring and bland. Can you guys who like the designs, explain why you
> > them so much?

How can you tell so much from the thumbnails they provide, while
they look like stock Nagano characters, there are a few people in
Japan who imitate Nagano... If it were the real Nagano then the MS
would be more intricate, not the blocks of clay we've seen so far.

> Because it's the first mecha design in a long time that looks "real", like
if the
> U.S. Military decided it needed an anthropomorphic weapon, that's what it
> end up looking like. And it could just be the endoskeleton or the
initial, first
> clumsy stab at it. You're looking at one still of one M.S. and that's
enough to
> say it blows. Turn-A, anyone?

Funny looked like the skeleton to me, I mean its gotta have Guns
and missiles, and stuff to be a REAL robot of any kind. I like the
Simplicity of the design which worked for Kishin Corps, and the
Sakura Wars mechs...


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