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> I for one, think the designs of the mecha is horrible. The character
> designs are alright, but they do not impress me one bit, they are bland,
> boring and bland. Can you guys who like the designs, explain why you like
> them so much?

Because it's the first mecha design in a long time that looks "real", like if the
U.S. Military decided it needed an anthropomorphic weapon, that's what it could
end up looking like. And it could just be the endoskeleton or the initial, first
clumsy stab at it. You're looking at one still of one M.S. and that's enough to
say it blows. Turn-A, anyone?

The character designs aren't as boring as the original MSG style designs. They
may not be my favorite (actually, 0080 and Ghost In The Shell/Spriggan designs
are my favorite) but they work for me.

> The character desings look pretty standard to me. They all look basically
> the same. The Turn A character designs where truly unique. I see nothing to
> be in awe about.

Never could get into Turn-A's character designs. Maybe it was that whole
Victorian vibe.


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