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> I am anxious to see what Char and Amuro look like. Who are the original
> four? The original four are next to the mecha. Who's the guy in the jean
> jumpsuit with flames on the sleeves and legs? Could that be Char? His name is
> similar to Casaval.

Char? I doubt it. The Original Four are clearly the Newtype Corps of For the
Barrel. Char was never part of the Newtype Corps, though he did answer to
Kishiria in the later parts of the series. Of course, everything that's old
is new again, so who knows?
> I know it's not spelled out how a Gundam is supposed to look, but that mecha
> is not a Gundam and looks like one hit would shatter the thing.

Well, this show is not Gundam, so it fits ^_^
But seriously, I think the Machining Skin they show is actually more of a
'Zaku', being not only the 'first model', but also on the same page as the
bad guys...

re: character and mecha design.
Not by Nagano, at least not according to the website:
mecha - Junji Ohkubo... character - Shigeto Koyama

BTW, is there anything anywhere that confirms this as anything other than a
novel-serial in Newtype?

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