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I like the new character design, and don't think they are bland at
all, they are just very indicative of modern character design. You
say they all look alike, but in the 20+ years I have been watching
anime I have heard that said about just about every series to come
around the pike. Their facial structures are certainly not as
homogenous as Evangelion, or anything by AIC. Their proportions are
no more homogenous than anything by Matsumoto, or anything by AIC.
Their costumes are no more anachronistic than a lot of what you see
in Cowboy BeBop, or anything by... Oh wait I can't make a quip about
the boring repetition of AICs costume design, because that is one of
the few things they actually bother to put thought into (damn, I love
making fun of AIC).

All in all, I think the designs are just a new style, and as such
your eye reads them a similar, much like how many non anime fans will
swear that every anime character looks like speed racer. I, myself,
on first inspection thought all the characters were nothing more than
Nagano knockoffs, but on further inspection have decided that the
faces of most of the White Base crew don't bare much resemblance at
all to Nagano's normal designs.

I think what I like most about the designs, is that they look both
attractive, and emotive. It is hard to tell from one still, but I
look at designs like Sayla, and I can imagine a range from sullen, to
sexy, to lighthearted, with no problem. By the same token Mirai looks
quiet, but I can see the possibility of strength in her. I will have
to say though, that the jury is still out on Bright, because for some
reason I can't put my finger on, I get a very Gendo Ikari vibe from
his design, which I don't think works with Bright's character.

BTW, I have never seen anyone say they were in awe of these designs,
I just said I thought they were exciting.
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> << garrick, just take some time to mull it over...they're not so
> bad, considering
> stuff I've seen from Leiji and the new crop of character designs
> all over the
> place. >>
> I for one, think the designs of the mecha is horrible. The
> character designs are alright, but they do not impress me one bit,
> they are bland, boring and bland. Can you guys who like the
> designs, explain why you like them so much?
> The character desings look pretty standard to me. They all look
> basically the same. The Turn A character designs where truly
> unique. I see nothing to be in awe about.

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