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--- "Christopher J. Sypal" <> wrote:
> At 05:52 PM 8/28/00 -0500, you wrote:
> >There are accents in Japanese? I always thought that it
> was a rather
> >monotone language. But, then again, I was wrong about
> the word "gundam"
> >being pronounced "GOON-uh-DAH'm." If you say that fast
> enough, it does
> >sound like "Gun-dam."
> From the very little I know, there are accents, and they
> tend be different
> from where they would be in English.
> The most famous would be the Japanese "SA-ku-ra" and the
> English "sa-KU-ra".

one japanese accent that most people are unfamiliar with ig
that they often use the old-style pronounciation of stuff
like "konnichiwa", when said it actually sounds like
"kongnichiwa"... but I dont think they pronouce Gundam that
way since they often say "Ghan-dam(u)"

I still can't get why "ka-to-re" would come out as "Quatre"
or do you really pronounce "Quatre" as "Kha-trey"?

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