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At 11:24 08/30/2000 -0700, Brett Jensen wrote:
>I think they'd be fine in a Cyber punk story... but Gundam? Perhaps "Butt Ugly"
>was a bit harsh.

        Well, character designs change with time, to keep up with consumer
tastes. While how they look can draw initial crowds, the characters'
personality is what really determines how much the audience likes them. Just
look at how many people want to smack Quess with an oversized bat. =)

        Character designs get more acceptable as time goes by, so I believe
eventually most of the audience will accept them as they are.

>Cute how they kept the mecha named something with the initials M.S.

        Yes, it's quite cute, but it deviates from the novel.. something to
watch for. Actually, I think the theory that the pic shown to us is in fact
the internal structure of an MS, as it is incomplete -- no arms, no head, etc.

        If it is indeed the new MS.. well, I'll sure miss the good ole

>The novel angle takes a (very small) bit of the edge off. If amuro does
show up,
>He might actually get lucky. ^_^

>Seriously though, Amuro and Char are so popular that long time Japanese fans
>might react very badly to a makeover... I seriously doubt they'll appear.
>other new characters will take their place.

        I think they will, as these two are major players in the OYW, even
in the novel. Especially since Salya Mass is included.

>Who wants to bet that given the "Heavy" nature of Tomino's novels, and the too
>hip Chara designs, That this show will be an ultra dark Evangelion wannabe?

        The novels itself is leaning towards it, so it is possible for this
to be heavily into pathos and such.

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