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<< it actually reminds me of the early sci-fi robot/space suits. there is a
 of hardcore sci-fi running through this series. >>

  Well, sci-fi can come up with better designs then this. If a mecha show has
a good writier, the mecha designs do not need to be made ugly to keep from
totally focusing on it.

  Some people want a mecha show for less focus on mecha. The point of most
good mecha shows is a great story, as well as a focus on the robot. Wanting
less focus on mecha, is like saying you want less focus on Godzilla in a
Godzilla movie. Any story can be told without robots.

  I don't think the focus on the mecha is the problem at all. I think it's
because robots sale and therefore everyone wants to make a quick profit off
of mecha. Secondly, because robots sale well, the production company skimps
on story and focues on cool robots. The focus should be equal parts mecha,
even more parts great story.

  Someone said they where getting tired of Gundam kits. Well, these new robot
design is so simple, that it'd take like 5-10 minutes to build the thing!! :)
I'll have to see it in action, with it's weapon's, to totally be sure on
this, though. It could have some hidden features/gimmicks.


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