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I've read that Turn A and X bite the dust.
It's possible in 2 that Trowa offered to join the organization-he didn't
have much of a choice with Wufei holding a sword to his throat. I think
Dekim figured he needed a pilot who would be able to handle a mech like the
Serpent-Sort of Heavyarm's GM, so he kept Trowa on a leash.
As for Duo + Hilde, Duo probably needed a place to settle down since
Romefeller had sent out execution orders.

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Hey all, I'm new to the list, but looking at the archives, it seems like
Mark Simmons knows a LOT about Gundam. They may seem like newbie questions
to everyone here, but here goes:

1)What happened at the end of Turn A Gundam? Was the true form of Turn A
revealed, and did it have anything to do with the UC series (or any of the
other ones)? And why were there Zakus that far into the future??

2)Why didn't Dekim Barton kill "Trowa"? He ("Trowa") did have a role in
foiling the original Operation Meteor, so why didn't Dekim just plug him in
Endless Waltz??

3)How do Hilde and Duo end up living together in Gundam W?? There seems to
be a huge gap in logic in this one.

BTW, as you can tell by these questions, I'm new to Gundam, though I've seen
0080,8th MS Team, 0083, CCA, F91,W,Endless Waltz, and some of Turn A.


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