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>bah. i don't like slender effeminate chara designs
>(not on males, at least). and i totally
>hatedetestdespiseloathe cyberpunk. i don't like the
>new look.


garrick, just take some time to mull it over...they're not so bad, considering
stuff I've seen from Leiji and the new crop of character designs all over the

at least they don't have red trenchcoats that michael jackson would wear....they're
only coveralls the backstreet boys would wear, LOL!

>0083 designs were probably the most decent of all, why
>didn't they go with that? they want shock value or

hmmm. a real-life military look? I have to admit, it could work, but well,
it seems this is the trend...

>i could kinda get used to the machining skin. looks
>like a simplified cross between a destroid and a

it actually reminds me of the early sci-fi robot/space suits. there is a whiff
of hardcore sci-fi running through this series.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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