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>I like. I'm VERY excited. I've made some minor grumblings about this before,

>but I'm about 95% convinced that Gundam - in its "present" form - needs to

>be put to rest. It seems like every new series that has come out in the last

>few years has either been crammed into the traditional UC timeline and it's

>causing serious continuity problems, or we just do a re-hash with an
>altiverse story. The only exception that I like - and that really stands out

>- is Turn A... I've seen up to episode 34 now and I still very much enjoy

>this series, because it's new and fresh and different (minus Tomino's
>sight-gag classic MS appearances).

I am very impressedby the designs, actually. And I agree that the headspike
samurai look should be put to rest. It's about time. model wise, those headspikes
are a pain. What I can't wait for is seeing how all the mecha as we know it
will be reinterpreted. If it is Nagano, you can bet on spectacular mecha.

>But one idea I've had for awhile now is making either a new anime or a manga

>series based on Tomino's Gundam novel trilogy. I've always had the opinion

>that the novels were exactly how Tomino WANTED to make Gundam at the time,

>except he had his hands tied by studio heads and licensees looking to make
>buck from merchandising (not to mention whining fans demanding a sequel).

>The Gundam novel trilogy and and of themselves are a complete story, pretty

>much tying up all the loose ends and coming to a final conclusion. And I've

>always though the novels' story was actually much better than the anime
>version... especially without Frau Bow and those damned pesky tykes running

>around underfoot (thank goodness Tomino ditched them at Luna II in the
>novels!). Plus Amuro is a MUCH more mature character in the novels than in

>the anime... he's still young and very naive, but he's not the self-centered

>crybaby we see in the anime. The direction Tomino took with Char's character

>in the novels was also much more interesting, especially the role he plays

>in the "big picture" near the end.

after having read only a little of the novelization, I would say that it's more
promising than what I've seen in the cartoons. Now, if only there was a novelization
of all the alternat probabilities in the Giren's Greed game.

>Seeing Tomino's "unrestricted" version of his original Gundam creation being

>"remade" as a serialized novel complete with fresh new 2000-style characters

>and mecha is a very welcome treat. While the characters definitely have a

>Mamoru Nagano feel to them, they also sport a cool "cyberpunk" look that
>fits in really well with the animation design styles we see out of new
>projects today. The new Pegasus (White Base) also looks pretty cool, though

>I haven't made up my mind on the Machining Skin "F" yet... is this a Zaku?
>noticed some of the characters' names have also changed, despite the fact

>that it's obvious who most of them are. By the way, does anyone else here

>think that Yoo YC Teng is supposed to be Kai Shiden? I noticed he was
>conspicuously absent...

Yeah, it looks that way. The cyber ounk look is perfect, no more odes to Leiji
Matsumoto's uniforms and all that. And yet! it has a distinctly Yamato feel
to it.

>Bottom line is I'm excited. Guess I'll have to start buying Newtype again.

>-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

I wish I had money to do just that.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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