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 Id agree on this too.. There maybe no armor on it yet.. It may be the
endoskeleton of it.. I cant tell how tall it is either...Im not too keen on the
pegasus myself... Ill have to agree with the bland statements. I like some of
the costume design, but I dont like the character design too much.. To FSS for
my tastes.... No enough character either.. Right now this may just be a story in
New Type and not an animated series at all... It could be a preview for a
manga... Can anyone who reads Japanese eleaborate on this??? wrote:

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> writes:
> << The other thing that excites me is that if this is the Zaku surrogate
> we see here in this article (they say it is the first Machining Skin,
> so I can only assume it fills the role of the Zaku), then I can see
> amazing potential for fabulous designs as the technology progresses
> beyond the primitive experimental stages, to the more advanced
> Machining Skins like the as yet unseen Gundam surrogate. >>
> If this is a Zaku surrogate, the "gundam" mech may be different then the
> Machining Skin. I think the Machining Skin is a very bland design. A tank is
> more interesting compared to this "M.S." robot.
> Aaron
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