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<< 1. I exceedingly love these character designs. Very modern, nicely
 and something unique for Gundam. The bishounen meter is reading very low,
 ladies and gentlemen, life is good.>>

  Yeah, I like them too, but most don't even vaguely resemble their original
characters, if it wasn't for the names, I'd have no idea who these people
are. Yeah, some are probably from the series not the movies, but even the
known characters are hard to tell whose, who. I think that's the point,
though. Bright looks, well, geeky. He looks like a Max clone from Robotech,
sorry, don't know his Macross name. This is a total remake of Gundam, it
seems. I would like to see the original redone with new animation, not a
total remake. I am still very interested to watch this, is it a series or a
movie?. I'll give it chance, as this info. is not much to go by yet. I am
interested to see if the story is changed in way.

<< 2. AMURO! My guess is we see his (and Char's) new incarnation next month.
 Notice they take great pains in talking about the "fifteen", yet how many
 characters can we see? 14. We see Captain Bright Noah and Mirai in "officer
 white", meaning the rest in blue are most likely bridge officers,
 engineering, etc, which mostly jives with what we know from MSG. The two on
 the right in orange are the Mobile Suit/Machining Skin pilots, along with
 the to-come Amuro.>>

  I am anxious to see what Char and Amuro look like. Who are the original
four? The original four are next to the mecha. Who's the guy in the jean
jumpsuit with flames on the sleeves and legs? Could that be Char? His name is
similar to Casaval.

<< 3. The ship doesn't look too bad, but reminds me a lot of the Nebulon B
 Frigate from Star Wars, very very loosely of course. I like the old White
 Base, but I've always liked more "realistic" looking starships, and this
 looks to be that.>>

  The ship doesn't bother me at all, it's quite nice. It's no Ragnorak from
FF8, I like more fantasyish/graceful ships, but is very nice for a realstic
ship design.

<< 4. I'm still not sold on the mechanics. I agree that there needs to be less
 focus on them but they do play a part in the overall feel. Gundam without
 the classic Gundam in there somewhere would be like Top Gun in single-engine
 Cessna's. I'll come around, but only if they can prove to me that this new
 style is every bit as cool as our MS's of yesteryear. I'd imagine most
 people are going to be the same, it's going to take some convincing, but
 people will come around if its deserving.>>

I'll give it a chance and will probably come around eventually as well. Less
focus on mecha in a mecha show?, sheesh. Char and Amuro are MS pilots,
there's always going to be attention focused to what they pilot. Yeah, Top
Gun doesn't solely focus on the planes, but mecha shows are different, as the
mecha are a foucs of most mecha shows. I know it's not spelled out how a
Gundam is supposed to look, but that mecha is not a Gundam and looks like one
hit would shatter the thing. The FSS mecha are gracefull, but still look
durable and like a combat machine. True realistic mecha is stuff like from
FM3, Garaski and to a lesser degree Gundam. It's hard to belive it's even a
realstic or fantasy type mecha, a fork lift or a dump truck is nicer looking
then this robot. Yes, I am serious in saying that. It seems as if the
creators of this show, wanted an ugly mecha to drive focus away from it. It
doesn't have hands or even much of any type of gripping device. It doesn't
look like it can grip a rifle, much less a beam saber. Although, it's best to
apply the "anything can change" caution flag to this project. All I know is,
I'll give it a chance and want to see it in motion. If a kits ever made of
it, it looks to be a breeze to build. a PG kits a bit much for me, but I
don't like super easy either. I want to hear the ideas behind this mechas
creation, the reason's why it is what it is. What's are beloved Zaku going to
look like? What will pass for the Gun Cannon and Guntank?

<< 5. Any guesses as to what the name means ... "For the Barrel"? Unless i'm
 missing some historical reference .... humm ... how about it's as in "barrel
 roll" (a loop-de-loop in a plane), which is pretty much what they're doing
 to fans minds =)>>

Your's is a good guess. For the Barrel is a good millitary name for an anime.

<< 6. I need to reiterate. I really, really like these character designs. I
 look at them, and don't feel I've seen them a dozen times before (cough
 cough BGC2040 cough). Let's hope they move as good as they look.>>

They look rather plain to me. Leelah Sun looks very pretty and unique, but
the rest look plain to me. They are nice characters, but each look very
sililar to each other. Leehlah is the only really stand out, unique looking
character. The rest a basically drab. I need to see them speak and in motion
to have a true opinion of the characters. Real people are different and
unique, not like these. Anime has it's standard characters, but in most they
still look different. These look like clones, as the all look different, but
most share the same traits in looks. They look like they where cloned from
the same person, with a few differences thorwn in to keep them from being
excatly alike.

 <<So the question is, was this a good move? I think so. Of there 3 options
 tack something else on to UC, 2, do another alternate universe, or 3 do an
 alternate universe that we feel we already know) this was probably the best
 bet. UC is getting crowded, the alternate universes have been okay, if not
 great ... so why not make the oldschool UC fans happy by retelling the
 story, and the new kids who got in because of the alternate universes a
 chance to latch onto a new series. The potential for the future of this
 series is quite large ... it's a lot like comic books being "rebooted", same
 characters, mostly the same universe, but different, meaning they can tell
 new stories without having to worry about maintaining continuity with 20
 years of previous "stuff".>>

I argee with everthing said in this above paragraph, but I don't think they
had to go this far to redo it. My problem isn't because it's so different and
a big change, it's the blandness of it all.
 <<Until I see something I really dislike about it, I'm looking forward to it.
 Now where's Mark been? I'd like to hear his comments on this one. Burke
 seems to still be having computer troubles ... d0h ... >>

I am looking forward to this a lot too, I just don't see much to ohh and awe
about. Everything looks pretty plain and bland. At least Turn A's characters,
while strange, are unique.


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