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This is not personal, I just don't think anyone is listening. For the
Barrel appears to have NOTHING to do with Nagano! The first page of
the Newtype site has credits, and those credits are:

Character Designer:
Shigeto Koyama

Junji Ohkubo

Masaki Apsy

Gichi Ohtsuka

Now, I hate to overstress this, but as it has been pointed out a few
times now, none of these names are Mamuro Nagano. I do agree that it
looks indicative of his art, but he had nothing to do with it if the
credits are to be believed.

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NewGundamseries revealed?!

> I've been a little busy for the past week and have neglected
> reading many e-mails until now, and to my surprise I read all about
> For the Barrel.
> Being a HUGE FSS fan I have to say that I do like the character
> designs, I'm just really afraid of what might happen if Char and
> Amuro are redone. The original designs are just so classic, but IF
> it is Mamouro Nagano behind the designs then I have no fear about a
> new rendition of the characters.
> Now about that "Machining Skin" thing...hmmm....I don't know
> how that will work out. I suppose it'll be just fine since the
> story is intended to focus on the characters.
> I hope somebody that subscribes to Newtype will keep us all
> posted as this situation unfolds.

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