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Thu, 31 Aug 2000 12:45:19 CDT

Echo|Fox writes,

>Until I see something I really dislike about it, I'm looking forward to it.
>Now where's Mark been? I'd like to hear his comments on this one. Burke
>seems to still be having computer troubles ... d0h ...

Well, yes and no... the problem's my network card. When I'm hooked up on my
friend's network, everything's fine. When it's my computer all by its
lonesome self, it "stutters" unless I yank out the network card. I'll be
able to update Mecha Domain tomorrow night... barring any other problems. So
now... on to my thoughts on For the Barrel!

I like. I'm VERY excited. I've made some minor grumblings about this before,
but I'm about 95% convinced that Gundam - in its "present" form - needs to
be put to rest. It seems like every new series that has come out in the last
few years has either been crammed into the traditional UC timeline and it's
causing serious continuity problems, or we just do a re-hash with an
altiverse story. The only exception that I like - and that really stands out
- is Turn A... I've seen up to episode 34 now and I still very much enjoy
this series, because it's new and fresh and different (minus Tomino's
sight-gag classic MS appearances).

But one idea I've had for awhile now is making either a new anime or a manga
series based on Tomino's Gundam novel trilogy. I've always had the opinion
that the novels were exactly how Tomino WANTED to make Gundam at the time,
except he had his hands tied by studio heads and licensees looking to make a
buck from merchandising (not to mention whining fans demanding a sequel).
The Gundam novel trilogy and and of themselves are a complete story, pretty
much tying up all the loose ends and coming to a final conclusion. And I've
always though the novels' story was actually much better than the anime
version... especially without Frau Bow and those damned pesky tykes running
around underfoot (thank goodness Tomino ditched them at Luna II in the
novels!). Plus Amuro is a MUCH more mature character in the novels than in
the anime... he's still young and very naive, but he's not the self-centered
crybaby we see in the anime. The direction Tomino took with Char's character
in the novels was also much more interesting, especially the role he plays
in the "big picture" near the end.

Seeing Tomino's "unrestricted" version of his original Gundam creation being
"remade" as a serialized novel complete with fresh new 2000-style characters
and mecha is a very welcome treat. While the characters definitely have a
Mamoru Nagano feel to them, they also sport a cool "cyberpunk" look that
fits in really well with the animation design styles we see out of new
projects today. The new Pegasus (White Base) also looks pretty cool, though
I haven't made up my mind on the Machining Skin "F" yet... is this a Zaku? I
noticed some of the characters' names have also changed, despite the fact
that it's obvious who most of them are. By the way, does anyone else here
think that Yoo YC Teng is supposed to be Kai Shiden? I noticed he was
conspicuously absent...

Bottom line is I'm excited. Guess I'll have to start buying Newtype again.

-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

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