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Chris Maier wrote:

> I thought I'd share my opinions....
> I'm getting a little bit of a Macross vibe from the uniforms, they kind of
> looks like the uniforms in M7. On the same subject, Bright kind of looks
> like Max. Mirai and Frau have been given new, sexier makeovers, with Frau
> reminding me a lot of Questis from FF8.

Kinda like what they did to Jun in the Gatchaman remake....I sense more Sayla
bathing scenes coming on. I'm not a huge fan of "modern" character design. I
like the fleshier designs of the likes of YAS, Mikimoto, and Hirano. It's like I
said about a certain other remake: "Not enough Dirty, and too much Flash."

> The orphans look a little older,(BTW

Perhaps less irritating?

> It's kind of interesting that they flipped the name of the White Base
> around-now White Base is the class name, and Pegasus is the name.

That's how Tomino did it in the novels.
Alot of stuff is more like the novels, right down to characters like Kusco Al.

---Brett Jensen

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