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>1) I do like these designs... And I am pretty sure that they are Mamoru
>Nagano. As for those of you who don't like what he seems to be doing, let
>me remind you that he did a number of fan favorite Mobile Suits, including
>the Type 100 and the Quebley, as well as having done some of the best mecha
>designs ever put to paper, to wit his Mortarr Heads from Five Star Stories.

and the Bawoo, I think. Anyway, I am very impressed with both the designs
and the storyline as I have seen it so far. It would be a shame for this
to beonly a novelization. But it makes sense: How else to introduce
gundam to a whole new legion of fans? remake to their era! This is
precisely what the GW series did, a sort of foretaste of what this could
be. I'm not complaining. I want to see this flesh out before I make any
other comments. god knows I've made that blooper with Turn A.

>2) If this is based on Tomino's novels, as the editors seem to be implying,
>the story is going to be radically different. Several major characters are
>going to die who didn't in the anime, and the end is EXTREMELY different.
>(Kushko Al's presence here does lend credence to this, by the way, as she
>never made it into any of the anime...)
>3) As for Amuro and Char, anyone who knows Gundam knows how important they
>are to the show... Which means that their character designs are more than
>likely being saved as a suprise...

I can't wait as to how the Char character will come out. How will the mask
be done, I wonder.

>Basically, I like what I see (but I'm a long time Nagano fan), and want to
>see a LOT more...

The basic designs do remind me of certain current animation, like trigun,
for instance.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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