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I thought I'd share my opinions....
I'm getting a little bit of a Macross vibe from the uniforms, they kind of
looks like the uniforms in M7. On the same subject, Bright kind of looks
like Max. Mirai and Frau have been given new, sexier makeovers, with Frau
reminding me a lot of Questis from FF8. The orphans look a little older,(BTW
the guy putting his hand on Kikka's head looks a lot like Vash) and also
Hayato is the complete opposite of his alternate self. Sayla and Lalah look
pretty much similar.
 It's kind of interesting that they flipped the name of the White Base
around-now White Base is the class name, and Pegasus is the name. Then we
have Newtype villains, including Lalah...will these people operate
semi-independently a la The Frost Brothers, or will they be a special
"Newtype corps" for the Zeon equavilent? They have some pretty interesting
costumes...if you've played Bust-A-Groove, one of the guys might remind you
of heat.

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Okay, now that I've had a decent nights sleep, I feel ready to comment on
our new Gundam series. A while back something similar to this was one of my
suggestions as to a possibility for a new series. I suggested a new story
with new characters set in an "alternate" UC0079, instead we get (mostly)
the same characters in an entirely different universe, with some common
Now to go point by point:
1. I exceedingly love these character designs. Very modern, nicely detailed,
and something unique for Gundam. The bishounen meter is reading very low,
ladies and gentlemen, life is good.
2. AMURO! My guess is we see his (and Char's) new incarnation next month.
Notice they take great pains in talking about the "fifteen", yet how many
characters can we see? 14. We see Captain Bright Noah and Mirai in "officer
white", meaning the rest in blue are most likely bridge officers,
engineering, etc, which mostly jives with what we know from MSG. The two on
the right in orange are the Mobile Suit/Machining Skin pilots, along with
the to-come Amuro.
3. The ship doesn't look too bad, but reminds me a lot of the Nebulon B
Frigate from Star Wars, very very loosely of course. I like the old White
Base, but I've always liked more "realistic" looking starships, and this
looks to be that.
4. I'm still not sold on the mechanics. I agree that there needs to be less
focus on them but they do play a part in the overall feel. Gundam without
the classic Gundam in there somewhere would be like Top Gun in single-engine
Cessna's. I'll come around, but only if they can prove to me that this new
style is every bit as cool as our MS's of yesteryear. I'd imagine most
people are going to be the same, it's going to take some convincing, but
people will come around if its deserving.
5. Any guesses as to what the name means ... "For the Barrel"? Unless i'm
missing some historical reference .... humm ... how about it's as in "barrel
roll" (a loop-de-loop in a plane), which is pretty much what they're doing
to fans minds =)
6. I need to reiterate. I really, really like these character designs. I
look at them, and don't feel I've seen them a dozen times before (cough
cough BGC2040 cough). Let's hope they move as good as they look.

So the question is, was this a good move? I think so. Of there 3 options (1,
tack something else on to UC, 2, do another alternate universe, or 3 do an
alternate universe that we feel we already know) this was probably the best
bet. UC is getting crowded, the alternate universes have been okay, if not
great ... so why not make the oldschool UC fans happy by retelling the
story, and the new kids who got in because of the alternate universes a
chance to latch onto a new series. The potential for the future of this
series is quite large ... it's a lot like comic books being "rebooted", same
characters, mostly the same universe, but different, meaning they can tell
new stories without having to worry about maintaining continuity with 20
years of previous "stuff".

Until I see something I really dislike about it, I'm looking forward to it.
Now where's Mark been? I'd like to hear his comments on this one. Burke
seems to still be having computer troubles ... d0h ...

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