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Chris Beilby wrote:
>1) I do like these designs... And I am pretty sure that they are Mamoru

No. As the homepage and article on Newtype magazine credited, Nagano has
nothing to do with this project, it seems. FTB's character designer is
Shigeto Koyama and mechanical designer is Junji Ohkubo.

BTW, I thought that the name of Gichi Ohtsuka (the story writer & editorial
director) sounds familiar... Now I know why. He's one of the Gundam-addicted
guys who wrote articles for Ascii's Gundam tribute magazine, G20... :)

For your information, FTB is a serialized novel based on Tomino's original
Gundam trilogy (novelized version, not anime show) and whether it is the
candidate for the NEXT Gundam show or not is still unconfirmed.

(In my humble opinion, it would be better if they remake the original
Gundam, with the visual part following the anime, and the story taken
from the novel... in the last climax, we should get to see how Amuro
dies, and the one and only Gundam show finally ENDS... and the dismay
of the franchise, too! ;->)

-Sunwook Kim

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