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I think 0080 is in demand since there's only been one MG from the series(The
Alex) while the other UC series, with the exception of CCA, F91, and V, have
been pretty much loaded.
But I do think we will probably see the F91 in master grade mode soon.

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> Hygog
>The coolest aquatic mech...Deserves a better 1/100 kit!
Its got its own resin kit, 1/144 kit, feature in a psx game, and now its own
100yen sd figure, so DOUBLE yes, this deserves its own 1/100, heck why not
give it its own pg.

> Kampfer
>your a mind reader!!
>Gotta a have a GM killer
Man, is it me, or does everyone just have a hankering for 0080 mecha?

What would be neato is if they also started a 0080 MSiA line, with little
weapons that fire.


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