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The character artwork has a definite Nagano look to it, but the
credits do not say anything about Nagano, so I doubt he is involved,
and that is definitely not a Nagano mech. My guess would be that the
character designer is an understudy of Nagano's, or just flat out
ripping off his style.

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> Before responding to this, I went ahead and read all the responses
> on this thread. Just a few points, and my opinions...
> 1) I do like these designs... And I am pretty sure that they are
> Mamoru Nagano. As for those of you who don't like what he seems
> to be doing, let me remind you that he did a number of fan
> favorite Mobile Suits, including the Type 100 and the Quebley, as
> well as having done some of the best mecha designs ever put to
> paper, to wit his Mortarr Heads from Five Star Stories.

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