Chris Beilby (
Thu, 31 Aug 2000 11:44:09 GMT

Before responding to this, I went ahead and read all the responses on this
thread. Just a few points, and my opinions...

1) I do like these designs... And I am pretty sure that they are Mamoru
Nagano. As for those of you who don't like what he seems to be doing, let
me remind you that he did a number of fan favorite Mobile Suits, including
the Type 100 and the Quebley, as well as having done some of the best mecha
designs ever put to paper, to wit his Mortarr Heads from Five Star Stories.

2) If this is based on Tomino's novels, as the editors seem to be implying,
the story is going to be radically different. Several major characters are
going to die who didn't in the anime, and the end is EXTREMELY different.
(Kushko Al's presence here does lend credence to this, by the way, as she
never made it into any of the anime...)

3) As for Amuro and Char, anyone who knows Gundam knows how important they
are to the show... Which means that their character designs are more than
likely being saved as a suprise...

Basically, I like what I see (but I'm a long time Nagano fan), and want to
see a LOT more...

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