Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 31 Aug 2000 01:21:22 -0700

>Edward Ju wrote:
>> >I'm glad you did. I've played most of the newer gundam console games,
>>now it
>> >looks like i will need a new system. Has anyone played Z gundam for the
>> >playstation? Is it any good? It's one of the ones I havn't played or seen
>> >yet.
>> >steve
>> I think it's one of the better Gundam games made for a console. It uses
>> the same game engine as Char's Counterattack and plays pretty much
>> the same, however the graphics looked better/more refined, and it
>> coes on 2 discs - you can play through the Zeta Gundam either as Camille
>> or Quattro/Char.
>are you sure it's better? I find Char's more limited but graphically

Very sure. While the 3D modeling of Zeta may have less polygon count or
more polygon pops, it doesn't have the awful texturing or god-awful
reanimated scenes (I am referring to the quality of the artwork) of CCA,
and there is less slow-down that can happen when there's too much going
on on the screen in CCA. You can tell that CCA was rushed out the door,
unlike Zeta, which played and looked like a game that's been through beta
testing and some QA. I'll happiliy trade in funnels and bits for
transforming MS and MA any day.


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