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I totally disagree. If this is, in fact, a new animated series (thus
far I have only seen reference to a Newtype comic), then I will be
happy beyond belief. This show looks to have everything that made the
core Gundam Saga (MSG, Z, ZZ, CCA) so fantastic. The character
designs are nice, the story will be great if it is based on the
novels, and the technical designs look to have exactly what Gundam
has been needing. By that I mean, all of the post-CCA mech design has
either been too beholden to the original Gundam Saga (i.e. 0080), or
too beholden to Tomino's newfound hatred of all things Mecha (i.e.
Turn A). Either way, there has been no opportunity in modern Gundam
for designers to reevaluate the basic design of what a mech should
look like. When I look at the Machining Skin depicted in this
article, I see a humanoid machine that could believably move quite
dynamically, without needing some mystery-rubber-metal-cheat to
achieve a range movement similar to the human form.

The fact is that, no matter what older fans or Tomino himself might
claim at this late date, Gundam's hook has always been "realistically
treated" humanoid combat machines. Yet over the years the designs
have never strayed too far from the original treatment. Even
"radical" treatments like Turn A have still been constrained to a
very oldschool dependence on what I can only call the
guy-in-a-suit-of-armor proportions of the original Gundam designs.
This dependence has caused the series to loose some of what made it
so revolutionary to begin with. This new Machining Skin, on the other
hand, looks like a real machine created for the purpose of mimicking
human movement.

The other thing that excites me is that if this is the Zaku surrogate
we see here in this article (they say it is the first Machining Skin,
so I can only assume it fills the role of the Zaku), then I can see
amazing potential for fabulous designs as the technology progresses
beyond the primitive experimental stages, to the more advanced
Machining Skins like the as yet unseen Gundam surrogate.

I, for one, can't wait to see what comes from this, and will probably
start getting Newtype again to stat following this.

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> KurenaiJiku wrote:
> > Hm...it looks like the artist behind Five Star Stories is behind
> > the wheel at the character design and mecha design.
> Nope. It lists the designers on the first page. If Nagano had done
> them...they might have been good. These butt ugly things look like
> the designs from Ehrgeiz (One of the worst mecha shows in recent
> memory.)
> "FOR THE BARREL??????????? This is SOOOO wrong on SOOOO many
> levels! WTF is Bandai thinking. Do they have to desecrate the
> original...ARRRRGH. Instead of a Real update we get this???
> A fresh Mecha show is great, but why drag the original characters
> into it? I think they may have gone too far this time.

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