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Lim Jyue wrote:

> The character designs *are* pretty modern and quite nice, but
> somehow the images of the blond bangs of Salya is too impressed in the
> mental image for this to easily replace it. But they are really nice.

I think they'd be fine in a Cyber punk story... but Gundam? Perhaps "Butt Ugly"
was a bit harsh.

> As for the MS.. it might not be an MS at all -- it has the following
> description if you click on the mecha itself:

Cute how they kept the mecha named something with the initials M.S.

The novel angle takes a (very small) bit of the edge off. If amuro does show up,
He might actually get lucky. ^_^

Seriously though, Amuro and Char are so popular that long time Japanese fans
might react very badly to a makeover... I seriously doubt they'll appear. Perhaps
other new characters will take their place.

Who wants to bet that given the "Heavy" nature of Tomino's novels, and the too
hip Chara designs, That this show will be an ultra dark Evangelion wannabe?

---Brett Jensen

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