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Echo|Fox wrote:

> To quote Keanu Reaves: Whoa. And i mean that in a big way.
> I was reading newtype magazine's english site, and they've got a bit on
> something called "For the Barrel".
> Check the link:

> Frankly this is coming straight out of left field for me. I do dig the
> character designs, but that "mobile suit" is damned butt ugly.
> I'm still in shock.
> Can this be it? Our new Gundam series is a retelling of the original series?
> Wow. Whoa. Erg. Wow.

Wow is right. On its own I love it already. The characters, the mecha, the
ship, it's fine. Now, as a retelling of Gundam... I don't know. I mean,
they'd have to do them *all* that way, then, Z, ZZ, F-91... Maybe it's truer
to the books and Tomino's original idea before the toy company needs took
over? I'm really interested in seeing the MS designs (if they can be called MS
anymore). I'm curious what the "Gundam needs a new direction instead of
rehashing old designs but I hate the Turn-A design because it's ugly no, wait,
now I like it" crowd thinks.


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