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>Questions about For The Barrel.
>1)How does it fit into the timeline?

        If it follows the novels -- which I think is the whole point -- it
doesn't really fit in the current UC timeline. It's a whole new spin on the
OYW, with key characters dying early.

        And I mean key characters!

>2)It's still UC right?

        It is UC, but only if you discard all the other UC stories after the
original OYW and start from scratch. Z, ZZ and CCA won't occur, since
several key characters would be absent.

>3)Where's Char (since little sister Sayla - who looks HOT -is there)?

        I guess the two Character designs -- Amuro and Char -- will not be
featured yet. They will be there, especially since Sayla, the common link
amongst the two, is there.

>4)Is it me or is Lalah more KAWAII than before?

        I'm not too sure whether I like the idea that Lalah is more Kawaii
(cute). Lalah never came across as a "cute" girl in the novels, more like a
serene girl in the wrong place at the wrong time. I hope they don't screw up.

>5)When is it coming out?

        No idea. But from the artwork, I suspect some parts of it is already

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