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At 23:21 08/30/2000 -0700, Echo|Fox wrote:
>Frankly this is coming straight out of left field for me. I do dig the
>character designs, but that "mobile suit" is damned butt ugly.
>I'm still in shock.
>Can this be it? Our new Gundam series is a retelling of the original series?
>Wow. Whoa. Erg. Wow.

        Like you say.. WHOA!


        The character designs *are* pretty modern and quite nice, but
somehow the images of the blond bangs of Salya is too impressed in the
mental image for this to easily replace it. But they are really nice.

        As for the MS.. it might not be an MS at all -- it has the following
description if you click on the mecha itself:


        This is the first model of Machining-Skin. It is a humanoid weapon
equipped with a small fusion reactor and a thermonuclear rocket. The design
is based on 'Quick-Silver'; a gigantic Machining Worker, heavy machinery
developed for construction work on space colonies."

        It's not that different a concept from the normal Mobile Suit --
this may be the equivalent in this story. Maybe butt-ugly *is* the way to
go. This way, the fans will concentrate on the story, not the mecha.

        Don't worry about Amuro -- if Ohtsuka wants to recreate the
"original" Gundam novels, Amuro will HAVE to be in. But the story may not be
suitable for young children.. =)

        Oh, BTW, this is the description for the Pegasus.


        The first White Base Class cruiser, Pegasus. Its modular
construction allows for the installation and removal of devices for
specialized combat situations, such as Machining-Skins. Hence the name of
its class 'white base': a 'blank slate' that can adapt to cope with varying
situations. This particular ship was built so quickly that it is not
well-balanced as a battle cruiser. Named 'Pegasus' for its awesome
appearance in flight, it was nicknamed 'The Swan' by the project design
team. It can house six Machining-Skins. Captain: Bright Noah. Helmsman:
Mirai Eyland Yashima."

        Heh. Cuuuute. This may be a very interesting series to follow.

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