Brett Jensen (
Wed, 30 Aug 2000 11:00:37 -0700

KurenaiJiku wrote:

> looks like the artist behind Five Star Stories is behind the wheel
> at the character design and mecha design.

Nope. It lists the designers on the first page. If Nagano had done them...they
might have been good. These butt ugly things look like the designs from Ehrgeiz
(One of the worst mecha shows in recent memory.)

"FOR THE BARREL??????????? This is SOOOO wrong on SOOOO many levels! WTF is
Bandai thinking. Do they have to desecrate the original...ARRRRGH. Instead of a
Real update we get this???

A fresh Mecha show is great, but why drag the original characters into it? I
think they may have gone too far this time.

---Brett Jensen

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